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Timber or Composite Decking Which is Best?

18th August 2020

We probably get asked this question every time we speak to a client about decking. If we start with timber decking the first advantage this has over composite decking is the cost as composite deck boards are roughly 3 times the price of timber deck boards. You can also paint or treat timber decking to whatever colour you choose, and you can always change it in the future which is not possible with composite decking. Some customers have also said that the timber decking has a natural warm feeling about it.

Composite decking main advantage over timber decking is that it does not rot so it has a much longer life span. That lifespan can be increased even more if the frame work underneath is constructed from composite joists. Composite decking comes in a range of colours and although this colour cannot be changed in the future like timber decking the colour will remain constant through out its life.

One thing that we always ask customers to consider is how long they think they will be living in their home for and how long a life they need the decking to last. This can help them decide which option might be better for them.

Posted by Andrew Culverhouse

Timber or Composite Decking Which is Best?