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When is the Best Time to Lay a Turf?

12th August 2020

This is a question we get asked a lot. Realistically turf can be laid all year round as long as the ground is not frozen or covered in snow. However, there are times of the year that are more suitable than others. Summer is generally the easiest time to lay new turf as the ground is dry which makes it easy to prepare and level and it does not create too much mess. However, with the high temperatures the turf will require a lot of watering which can be time consuming and an issue if clients are away on holiday.

Winter months make watering a lot easier as the grass growth slows down so the turf does not require as much water. Generally, the natural rain fall will give the turf most of the water it requires. The down side to laying a lawn in the winter is that the ground is harder to prepare and there is generally more mess.

Spring and Autumn are probably the best time for laying turf as generally there is a good amount of sun light to help the turf grow. There will also usually be a reasonable amount of rain fall to help water the turf without the need to constantly be watering with a hose pipe.

Many occasions turf laying is part of a full garden make over, so it is not always possible to carry out the work in the ideal autumn and spring months. This however is not a problem as we will always provide our customers with the right advise to help their new grow turf grow whatever the time of year.

Posted by Andrew Culverhouse

When is the Best Time to Lay a Turf?