Hedge Trimming & Pruning

Throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire

With extensive experience and knowledge in the management of hedges, trees, and shrubs, Culverhouse Gardens is one of Hertfordshire’s leading experts in hedge trimming, and the pruning of all types of shrubs and trees.

Tree Pruning

If you have a tree (or a shrub) that needs pruning, but you haven’t got the time, experience or tools to carry it out yourself, contact Culverhouse Gardens today, and let our pruning professionals get the job done without any stress.

Whether it’s a single tree in a domestic garden, or many more trees or shrubs, on a commercial scale, we have the team, the tools and the skills necessary, for the entire project, either on a one-off or ongoing basis.

Why Pruning is Vital

Pruning can be a tough job, especially if you have mobility issues, or if you don’t have the knowledge, or the correct and safe equipment to carry it out. It’s often because of these difficulties, that people will often ignore the need to prune trees and shrubs, until it becomes absolutely necessary.

Below, we’ve listed some of the key reasons pruning trees and shrubs is vital, for aesthetic reasons, and more importantly, for the health and longevity of the plant itself.

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If you’d like to hire Culverhouse Gardens for your hedge trimming and pruning needs, whether as a one-off service or on a regular basis, contact us either via the website, by email, or by phone, to speak directly to one of the team.

Hedge Trimming & Pruning

Why Choose Culverhouse Gardens?

  Wide Range of Services

Whether it is hard or soft landscaping we offer a wide range of services to fit your specific requirements.

  Experienced Landscapers

Experienced staff who pride ourselves on the consistently high standards of garden maintenance work and garden makeovers.

  Fully Qualified & Insured

Professionally trained and fully insured - we are here to provide a personal service.

Why Do You Need to Prune?

To provide energy to new shoots – Over time, older stems of your tree or shrub start to wilt and grow slower, whilst still using up the plants energy. By carefully removing these old stems, you divert more energy to new shoots, allowing them to flourish.

To control new growth – If not kept in check with a regular pruning regime, trees and shrubs grow haphazardly, and sometimes more on one side than the other, causing stress on the plants main stem, or creating shade where you don’t want it. When pruned correctly, a tree or shrub will grow with an even weight distribution, and in the direction required.

To prevent the spread of disease – Diseases such as scab diseases, can quickly destroy healthy shrubs and trees. These sorts of diseases can be treated chemically, but if you’re trying to reduce chemical use in your garden, professional pruning is also a highly effective method of preventing the disease reaching other parts of the shrub or tree.

To increase fruit, flowers or foliage – When a tree or shrub is pruned correctly, and at the right time of year, the number of new shoots increase, which means more foliage and flowers, and a higher yield of fruit.

To improve the look – When carried out correctly, pruning is the perfect way to improve the overall look of a tree or shrub, which could be especially important in a landscaped, residential garden, or a public garden.

Hedge trimming

Is your hedge getting out of control and starting to spread out into the street, or the neighbours garden? Then hire Culverhouse Gardens, and let our hedge trimming experts give it a smart and professional trim.

Whether you’re looking for your hedge to be cut into a particular shape or design, or just hedge cutting, to help prevent bulging or overhanging stems, we’ll use our expertise to ensure the perfect cut, as well as removing and environmentally disposing of all the clippings.

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Our Team

Andrew Culverhouse

Andrew Culverhouse


Having worked for a number of award winning landscape companies Andrew decided to take his love and passion for all things in the garden and set up Culverhouse Gardens in 2008. Andrew takes great pleasure in taking a garden that initially is unloved by its owners and turning it into a space they can really enjoy and that becomes an extension of the house.

Nick Seal

Nick Seal

Contract Manager

Nick joined us is 2010 and used his knowledge and experience of working with some of the largest gardening companies in London to assisted with the growth and development of the company. Nick can be found meeting new and current clients to discuss their gardening requirements, Nick will also work on sites as well as organise other members of staff.

Valerie Weaving

Valerie Weaving


Valerie, Andrew's mum deals with the invoicing and collecting of payments. Valerie is the person to talk to with regards to making payments. Valerie will also set up regular payment plans for our maintenance customers.

Valerie Weaving


Maintenance Supervisor

Richard Joined us in 2019 and as the title suggest he supervises the maintenance team. Richard brought a wealth of gardening experience having working in the parks department of Harrow council as well as previously running his own garden maintenance business. Richard has a passion for maintain gardens to a high standard.

Valerie Weaving



Reece joined us in 2018 having previously worked for other local garden maintenance companies. Reece initially joined us on the maintenance team but chose to swap over to the landscaping side as he really enjoyed working on transforming gardens. He can still be found from time to time on the maintenance rounds.

Valerie Weaving



Robbie joined us in 2019 and brought both gardening and landscaping experience with him. Having previously worked in the parks department at Harrow council he has also work with a number of local landscaping companies which means that he can be found both on the maintenance and landscaping teams.

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